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Who am I?

Dubai lifestyle blogger reviewer adviser, Dubai restaurants, Dubai hotels, dubai brunches, dubai cafes, lifestyle Dubai

Hello, it's Tatiana Silva here!

Growing up in a very small village in Portugal, I always dreamed of exploring different places and living in various cities throughout my life. I've always felt very independent, leaving my parents' house and village to live on my own at a very young age. I worked alongside my studies to earn extra money for whatever was needed and always nurtured the dream of moving abroad to a bigger city.

After graduating in Lisbon in Communication: Marketing, PR, and Advertising, I made the decision to embark on an international adventure. I spent several months in Sao Paulo (Brazil), followed by several years in London (UK), and I have now found myself living in Dubai (UAE).

I am absolutely enamored with this city! The most challenging aspect is keeping up with its extremely fast pace. :) I have always been passionate about exploring new places, trying out different restaurants and hotels, and providing my own comparisons and reviews, as people frequently ask me about the best experiences in Dubai.

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Dubai lifestyle blogger reviewer adviser, Dubai restaurants, Dubai hotels, dubai brunches, dubai cafes, lifestyle Dubai

why did I start blogging?

I am absolutely head over heels in LOVE with Dubai;


it's the place I proudly call home. I simply adore exploring as many different places as I can, but the most exhilarating challenge lies in keeping up with the city's lightning-fast pace. :) There's always a new restaurant to savor, a fresh hotel to experience, countless brunch options for endless fun, and a myriad of activities throughout the year, leaving you spoiled for choice.

Amidst these constant changes, I often find myself in the position of a sought-after advisor. I offer my own invaluable tips and guidance for holidays, dinners, outings, special occasions, and provide honest recommendations for the best places in town that align with one's expectations and budget.

And so, I embarked on this journey, launching an honest, review-centric lifestyle Dubai Blog!! :)

My goal is to extend my referrals within this vibrant city to a broader audience, all conveniently accessible in one place.

I genuinely hope you enjoy it! xx

Ratings categorization 

Cuisine Type: Restaurants can be categorized based on the type of cuisine they serve, such as Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, French, etc.

PriceRestaurants can be classified as budget-friendly, mid-range, or upscale to help diners choose based on their budget.

$ - very affordable $$ - affordable $$$ - higher than average $$$$ - very expensive $$$$$ - ultra expensive

Location: Restaurants can be reviewed based on their location, whether they're in a bustling city center, by the beach, in a suburban area, or a scenic rural spot.

From 1 - very weak to 10 - stunning location, this point is evaluated by the views, access, traffic, surroundings and luxurious environment

Food: From 1- being terrible and 10 - extremely delicious, this is based on my personal taste and compared with different restaurants in the city.

Décor (Ambiance and Atmosphere): This includes factors like the restaurant's décor, lighting, music, and overall vibe, such as casual, formal, romantic, or family-friendly.

From 1- being terrible and 10 - extremely beautiful, I tend to go for a classic, elegant and clean style.

Service: From 1 - extremely poor and 10 - extremely attentive, based on staff approach towards clients about tone, presence, caring, knowledge of food, manners and being approachable.

Parking: indications about parking in the facilities or to reach the venue.

Entertainment: From 1 - extremely quiet and 10 - extremely lively, difference between a silent place, background music or extremely lively with loads of performers, musicians, dancers and stunt acts happening.

Facilities: From 1- extremely poor and 10 - extremely good, mentioning restrooms, accessibility to the restaurant, bars, terrace and smoking area.

Value for money: From 1 - extremely poor and 10 - extremely good, ratio for the money you pay for the whole experience you get, including all previous points mentioned above.

Venue Review Classification: total of the classification for each restaurant, based on my own experience.

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