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Ula Dubai

Dukes Hotel, Palm Jumeirah


Ula - In Dukes Hotel at Palm Jumeirah

Review: Great décor, average food. The restaurant has a beautiful, Mediterranean, boohoo vibe. Love the earthy tones, wooden textures and stunning views. Located next to the beach, where it transports you somewhere in Greece during the experience.

It's a perfect venue for a casual date, families gatherings or meet up with some friends.


The service was quite average, it seems the staff was always rushed up, maybe due to shortage on people in duty, what I totally understand but it didn't give me welcoming vibe.  The food is ok, it's more served in quantities rather than quality. the portions are fairly generous, but I would say they should change or improve the menu with different options or more elaborated. If we compare with other Greek restaurants in town I feel a bit too pricey for such simple food served there. Maybe Ula could be more creative in the kitchen and come up with a differential factor, making them stand up from other venues.

For pool and each access:

Weekdays: AED 100, including AED 50 redeemable on food and beverages.
Weekends: AED 200, including AED 100 redeemable on food and beverages. *inclusive of public holidays

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Price: $$$
Location: 10/10

Food: 7/10

Décor: 9/10

Service: 6/10

(service sometimes was a bit too slow or we needed to call the staff to order more food or drinks)

Parking: Valet parking at Dukes hotel

Facilities: 8/10

Value for money: 7/10

Venue Review Classification: 7/10 

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