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The Nice Guy


Incredible experienceThe Nice Guy is a well-known restaurant and lounge located in Los Angeles, California. It has gained popularity for its trendy atmosphere, celebrity clientele, and upscale dining experience. 


The Nice Guy was opened in 2014 and quickly became a hot spot in the West Hollywood area. It is part of the h.wood Group, a hospitality and entertainment company known for creating upscale venues that cater to a celebrity clientele. The h.wood Group is also responsible for other popular Los Angeles venues like Bootsy Bellows, Delilah, and Poppy.


The Nice Guy is known for its prohibition-era speakeasy theme, featuring dark wood, plush leather booths, and a vintage ambiance. It offers a menu of Italian-American cuisine, including pasta dishes, steaks, and a selection of craft cocktails. It is often frequented by celebrities and has a reputation as a place to see and be seen in Los Angeles, now being replicated in Dubai. 

The restaurant in Dubai comprises a non-smoking area, which serves as a restaurant lounge, a smoking area that functions as a bar, and an outdoor terrace. The ambiance is notably dim (some might even consider it a tad too dark), with an elegant and mystically themed decor.


"Shah served as our waiter for the evening, and he also holds the position of Floor Supervisor. His professionalism was evident as he skillfully guided us through the restaurant's origin, concept, cuisine, and food details. Shah proved to be a very amiable gentleman.


The exceptional experience extended to the venue's finer details. Notably, the chef took the time to visit our table personally and recommend a special dish, the 'truffle pasta,' which we eagerly savored. The chef's willingness to engage with us and other diners added a remarkable touch to the exemplary service. The food itself was not only delicious but also offered excellent value for money, contributing to the overall welcoming atmosphere.


While our experience was overwhelmingly positive, there are a few aspects that I would like to highlight as potential areas for improvement.

The restaurant's lighting was notably dim, and although I am not typically particular about such matters, I observed that fellow guests, seemed to share my sentiments, struggling to navigate through the establishment comfortably. In the smoking area, where we chose to sit, I believe adding some pillows or backrests to the sofas would enhance the overall comfort of the space.


One significant inconvenience was the need to go through a brightly shopping center to access external restrooms. In an otherwise exquisite restaurant, this arrangement felt out of place and detracted from the overall experience.


For future guests, I offer the following personal tips: dining before 8:30 pm in the non-smoking area provides a tranquil atmosphere. However, after this time, live entertainment can make it a bit noisy. If you seek a quieter setting, the smoking area may be preferable for such purposes, though it may not be suitable for those who dislike smoke.


In conclusion, our visit was undeniably memorable, marked by exceptional service and delectable cuisine. With a few adjustments in lighting, seating comfort, and restroom accessibility, this establishment could further elevate the dining experience for its guests.



Beef tartare - Divine, please try it! - AED120

Crispy Burrata - to die for, was amazing! - AED125

Spicy Shrimp Scampi - great flavor, big portion but presentation could be better -  - AED115

Saffron Arancini - very blant flavour. personally was missing some cheese inside or a stronger ingredient to awaken our palate - AED75


Truffle pasta - AMAZING! new dish, not yet in the menu - AED295

Rigatoni Vodka - was good but I definitely preferred the first pasta. It's a big portion - AED145


The Nice Guy - Emirates Towers, DIFC

Cuisine: Italian-American

Price: $$$ (AED1,300 for 2 pax, inc. tip)
Location: 9/10

Food: 10/10 

Décor: 8/10 

Service: 9/10

Value for money: 10/10

Ambience: 10/10 (different live entertainment during the week and dance venue after 11pm)

Parking: Valet parking at the hotel

Facilities: 7/10 (toilets located in the shopping center)

Branding: 9/10 (great branding and concept. Website could have a 'wow factor')

Venue Review Classification: 9/10

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