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Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)


Sucre - In the heart of DIFC

Review: Great vibing Brunch


Sucre's interior design exudes a warm and contemporary vibe. The sophisticated décor, combined with dimmed lighting, creates an intimate atmosphere. When you walk in the restaurant, they welcome you with a glass of Sangria in the bar lounge (the sangria wouldn't say is the greatest but loved the gesture).

Around 1.30pm, the guests are directed to the restaurant area, where the staff starts to serve the starters straight away. The staff at Sucre Restaurant were amazing! We were greeted with genuine smiles, and the waitstaff was prompt walking us through the brunch menu, our dietary preferences etc. 

From Mediterranean-inspired delicacies to rich Argentinian flavors, the menu truly excels in diversity. 

Also, the variety on vegetarians dish is very pleasant and very delicious, my favorite main dish was actually then vegetarian pasta :)

Desserts corner was an absolute delight, very well presented, variety in recipes for everyone's taste and delicious.

However, the best part of the brunch is definitely the after party. The musicians are so lively, the music is great and everyone's dancing. An advantage now a days at Dubai brunches is to have an after party, as majority finishes around 4/5pm and all guests wonder where to go next.

Time: 1-4.30pm


Non-alcoholic: AED370

House package: AED440 (we chose this package but normally I go for sparkling)

Sparkling: AED590 (I wanted to choose this package but the choice of sparkling wine is not the greatest, so not worthy. Would definitely recommend the venue to change the brand)

Champagne: AED690

Cuisine: Mediterranean and Argentinian

Price: $$$$
Location: 8/10 

Food: 7/10 (was expecting a bit more variety)

Decor: 7/10 (very bright and looks of fine dining for a brunch, however the bar area is  stunning)

Service/staff: 10/10 (very rare to have such welcoming staff)

Entertainment: 8/10

Parking: Valet parking

Facilities: 8/10 

Value for money: 8/10

Venue Review Classification: 8/10 

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