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Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeirah


Myrra - In Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeirah

Review: Excellent venue. Myrra has a very beautiful, Mediterranean décor. Feels very cozy indoors and very romantic outdoors. A mixture of Greek, Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine and let me tell you... been there many times and the food never disappointed me. Elaborated, well-diverse menu, tasteful food, great options for drinks and always have attentive staff.



Pulpo a la galega - a MUS TRY!! its delicious.

Spicy feta - OMG, its amazing.

Crispy calamari - very good!



Organic Greek baked sea bream - fresh and delicious fish.

Grilled Ribeye - very tender and tasty.

Cuisine: Greek, Spanish and Mediterranean

Price: $$$
Location: 8/10 

Food: 9/10

Decor: 9/10

Service: 8/10

Parking: Now Free parking for 3hrs (validate your car plate at the restaurant), extra hours are 10dhs each

Facilities: 9/10

(love small details for example, the scrub hand soap that makes our hands smelling amazingly and feeling so soft)

Value for money: 8/10

Venue Review Classification: 8/10 

(Genuinely this restaurant been so underrated in other reviews, its very good!)

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