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Mimi Kakushi

Four Seasons, Jumeirah


Four Seasons, Jumeirah, Dubai


Loads of starters coming to the table, choice of one main course and some desserts. 
3 hours of unlimited drinks & Food
Amazing & elegant decor

Review: Mimi Kakushi- Delicious food, no dancing and quite pricey.


Wanting to try this brunch for so long as I heard very good reviews from their food. Definitely it didn't disappointed in food but let me tell you the full experience...

Arrived to the Four Seasons, very exquisite hotel in Dubai, we experienced an odd and old looking lift to get to the restaurant. Arriving to the first floor finally we face a 'magnifique' entrance to the restaurant.

Décor is very modern with a touch of classic, a mist of very natural tones (sand, greens, wood), quite dark and mystic but with sun light from outside... extremely elegant and jazzy vibes there. With this stunning scenario, I was shocked with the attire of a few guests. Seemed they were just coming form the beach or going after, very casual, low-key kind of looks, some very elegant but was not cohesive. Was quite shocked and it made me feel completely overdressed for Four Seasons and for such a high end brunch.

The food was delicious, absolutely recommend the food. Stunning choices, variety, love Japanese food, so absolutely a great tasteful menu. Service was good but a bit too slow when it was to ask if we would like to drink anything else, or being more attentive on that sense. Now, my biggest dislike is about to arrive. 

At the beginning of the Brunch, they give you a menu with the same price menu that is presented on the website and all good, you accept and acknowledge the prices and you are ready to embark in this great tasting experience. Until, it arrives the bill and they add VAT on top of the prices presented. Honestly, I felt very disappointed by the non-transparency of the venue. It's not about the price, if we are ok to pay 570dhs we are ok to pay 627dhs, but it's the lack of communication and non transparency that puts me off.


Entertainment, was just a DJ playing some background music. there is no ambience to dance, or it gets a bit more lively towards the end. So its definitely a relax and quite brunch, it accepts children and babies also, so I believe is very family oriented. 

To continue and dance a bit, we went downstairs to Coya and was amazing and fun, until 30 mins after we arrive they stopped the party as they were filming 'Dubai Bling' next door :( on a saturday? where you have guests for Brunch and After party? hm...

If I would go back for the food? YES, if I would go back for the full experience? Maybe not.


Soft beverages AED415 + VAT,

House beverages AED570 + VAT,

Sparkling package AED728 + VAT

hours: 12pm to 4.00pm

Brunch package available for 3hrs

Cuisine: Japanese

Price: $$$$
Location: 10/10

Food: 9/10

Décor: 8/10

Service: 7/10 (sometimes too slow in asking if we would like to have any drinks or check on us)

Parking: Valet parking at the hotel

Facilities: 7/10 (the lift just ruined the impact arriving to the restaurant)

Entertainment: 5/10

Value for money: 6/10

Venue Review Classification: 7.5/10

(just based on the very high price you pay for the full experience you get)

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