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Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)


LPM - In the heart of DIFC

Review: Was OK!

We were extremely looking forward to try this restaurant as we have heard so many good reviews about it. 


Very Pariense restaurant entrance, someone greeting you at the door and direct you to the table. Restaurant has a beautiful décor, beautiful tables but a bit too bright for dinner time. Very different from other concepts, you can find tomatoes, lemons and a knife on the table to prepare your own salad ahahaha (never seen that before but loved the idea but I think was very cute). 

We knew beforehand we only have 2hrs to enjoy our meal as they rotate the tables. 20mins have past and no one has given us the menu, or asked us if we would like to have something to drink, nothing! Until I needed to call someone and ask if we could be assisted.

Very original menu, great choices and excited to try the food.


Burrata - was a good burrata!

Escargots - didn't impress me and I love snails. But normally the sauce is more 'buttery' flavor and this was more acidic.


Homemade Pecorino Tortellini with Truffle - absolutely! LOVED it! must try!

ENTRECÔTE GRILLÉE 400G - Very good also, really liked it!

After not having much attention from the waiters, the waiter came gave us the menu for desserts and asked us "I know you have a pre-required CRÈME BRÛLÉE, can I bring it now?" My partner's face went white as it was a surprise to sing "happy birthday" to me and he just said to the waiter "thank you for ruin my surprise". Obviously I just laughed as knowing my partner very well, I knew he would ask for the dessert and I just said "it's all fine" to the waiter and smiled about all the awkwardness.

However, the lack of attention to details, for something so small as a happy birthday dessert, its very disappointing.

After they have sent us a survey where my partner gave exactly the feedback above, the manager contacted him and was very attentive and thank us as constructive criticism was always welcome for them to improve their customer experience. Offered us, over the phone, to go back to the restaurant to improve our overall experience. Let's wait to see how it will be the upcoming experience :)

Cuisine: French Cuisine

Price: $$$$
Location: 8/10 (DIFC on a Friday night, traffic is a bit chaotic)

Food: 7/10 (was expecting more from the food to be honest)

Decor: 7/10 (very bright, would prefer a more cozy atmosphere)

Service: 5/10

Entertainment: 6/10

Parking: Valet parking

Facilities: 7/10 (for people with limited mobility, stairs to go to the toilets are not very easy)

Value for money: 7/10

Branding: 7/10 (Landing page with too many visual elements. Menu with prices present and a plus)

Venue Review Classification: 6.7/10 

(was expecting more from the venue and from hearing other reviews)

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