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Enfuego - Vida del Carnival

Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah


At Atlantis in Palm Jumeirah (Old Atlantis), this restaurant is located on the Ground Floor near the Aquapark entrance.


Different food station with BBQ meat, salads, tacos, ceviche's, vegetables, amount others 

On the table: Starters, One main and some desserts
3 hours of unlimited drinks & Food
Stunning Latin decoration from celling to floor
After party & After brunch packages available
Incredible and such diversity on entertainment throughout the whole experience (Brunch & after brunch)

Loads of performers 

Review: Enfuego - Excellent venue and Very Good brunch.


Finally I found a brunch that has it all, a great balance from good food, great entertainment and a place where I can enjoy dancing literally, we stayed there in the after party until 8.30pm just dancing :D 

We visited for thr first time to celebrate my 35th birthday (yes, I'm not afraid to say my age ahhaah). Positive point, they take bookings for big groups in advance without requiring a deposit, what it's understandable from the venues but it's quite pricey to do so for the person organizing the booking.

We were a group of 18 people in total, they have tables fully decorated with hats, whistles, shades, wigs, ahahah you name it, so many different accessories. The décor is so vibrant and colorful, with so many items hanged from the ceiling including a car... yes, that's right a car.

The food was good, was hoping to have more variety of food to be honest and another thing I quite disliked, is to queue for food stations, as they were quite slow and the fact of being queueing for food, takes the opportunity to have fun and enjoy fully the moment, in my perspective. So my advice on this point is stock up one or two big plates with different types of food and take it to the table from the stations, and all the rest the waiters will bring it to the tables so, set and done :)


 Amazing performers, acrobats, musicians, DJ's, Latin Music, a piñata in the middle of the venue full of confetti's to celebrate your birthday .


Soft beverages AED399,

House beverages AED450,

Sparkling package AED550

hours: 1:00pm to 4.00pm!

Afterparty 4:00pm - 8:00pm

Cuisine: Latino-American

Price: $$$
Location: 10/10

Food: 8.5/10 (was expecting a bit more of variety and choices to be honest)

Décor: 10/10

Service: 9/10

Entertainment: 10/10

Parking: Valet parking at the hotel

Facilities: 8/10 (only two toilets for women in such a big venue, fortunately there are more at the hotel lobby, however I prefer to remain in the same venue during brunch)

Value for money: 8/10

Venue Review Classification: 9/10 

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