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Pullman - Business Bay

Couqley Downtown – Recently open, this extension of Couqley JLT, came to live with a more sophisticated concept, with a very eclectic décor, vaulted ceilings and a huge golden roster when you enter the restaurant. From different areas to choose where to sit, from indoors non smoking, smoking, by the bar and finally in the huge terrace with direct access to the canal.

Very friendly, cozy atmosphere, lively but not too loud, perfect for families outings, ladies nights and even couples, it welcomes everyone.

French cuisine with very popular steak-frites, moules frites, escargots and the pain perdu to die for.



Escargots de Bourgogne - very tasty! - included on ladies night menu - AED35

Grilled Portobello with cream and parmesan - was amazing - included on ladies night menu AED35

Lobster roll - absolutely recommend - included on ladies night menu - AED35


Raclette burger - very juicy but very rich in flavor, not for everyone's taste. Mostly for cheese lovers - AED109

Steak-frites - Traditional dish from Couqley with signature sauce and great value for money - AED137

Moules Frites - very generous portion, in flavor was not my favorite ones as the sauce was very watery what reduced the richness of it. Was expecting a thicker and creamy sauce but, I really wanted to try something different from what I normally order - AED149


Pain Perdu - to die for! Normally, I always choose the crème brulee although the pain perdu on the menu caught my eyes and was undoubtable we needed to try. was insanely good. if you know me, you wont expect I get thrilled about some dessert, yet this one conquer my foodie heart :)

In general, its a great casual relaxed venue to enjoy a delicious meal while not braking the bank account. definitely will come many times.

Cuisine: Mediterranean & Japanese

Price: $$$
Location: 7/10

Food: 8/10

Decor: 9/10

Service: 8/10

Entertainment: 6/10

Parking: valet parking

Facilities: 7/10

Value for money: 10/10

Venue Review Classification: 8/10 

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