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BB Social

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

This restaurant is sooo different from everywhere you go in Dubai. 

The entrance is so hidden that you barely miss it, but when entering you feel in a very cosy and stunning decor, you almost feel like home somehow. Very casual but extremely elegant, New York kind style, Great Gatsby vibes.

BB Social has multiple floors allowing you to have different experiences and set ups. Ground floor: romantic, calm, non-smoking area. I would say perfect for a date or a dining experience where you can talk. First floor: very similar to the ground floor but overlooking the magic happening in an open-plan kitchen where you can see all the chefs preparing your meal. Second floor: Upbeat music, cocktails bar, smoking area, busy and fun. Perfect for a night out with a group of friends and most likely meet new people there, as you will definitely bump into some people in the narrow room :)


Location: Gate Village 8, DIFC


BBQ - Rib eye grilled with a truffle sauce - yes, please!

Bites - Butterfish - it's delicious!

Bites - Tuna Crispy rice - a must try!

BAO - Habibti - it's so good!

BAO - LOB STAR - lighter taste but so good!

WAGYU KATSU - OMG, it's unreal!! I save myself all the time for this steak sandwich, it's amazing!

Dessert - WAFFLE APPLE PIE - please, do not leave the restaurant without trying it.

Note: Looking forward to try the brunch here!

Cuisine: Japanese, Asian 

Price: $$$ (around 1000dhs with a few cocktails for 2 pax)
Location: 9/10

Food: 10/10

Décor: 9/10

Service: 10/10

Value for money: 9/10

Parking: Valet parking

Facilities: 6/10

(for people with difficulty to move, the toilet journey to the first floor in a narrow staircase is definitely a challenge or to reach your booking in upper floors)

Branding: 7/10 (BB social doesn't have a website explaining the brand, which hospitality group belongs to or explaining the concept. However, they have the menu online with all the prices)

Venue Review C
lassification: 8.5/10 

(great value for money in great food and casual dining in this restaurant)

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