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A taste of south of Italy in Bluewaters, Dubai.

Overall: we were expecting better.

Before the experience, exploring the menu in the website, I must say: stunning & homogeneous branding throughout all channels, beautiful colours and stunning menu layout. In terms of Marketing, it looks very appealing.


Entering the restaurant, it has a very Mediterranean vibe. Vibrant white and blue colors, same used in their online communication. It made me feel travelling to Europe, but instead of feeling the casual glamorous atmosphere, we felt a very rigid and fine etiquette kind of ambience.

Nevertheless, everything was fine, we got the attention of the waiter, ordered a few starters and after a few minutes we've seen people in shorts, men open flat sandals, literally coming from the beach or touristing the city, coming directly for dinner. This situation only trigged me, due to the fact when we made the reservation on the phone, and when the restaurant called to confirm our presence, they mentioned very specifically the dress code what it seemed  quite restrict (apparently not the case!) :0 so we went accordingly to the dress code, but at the restaurant, the scenario was slightly different. 


The food was ok, was expecting way more due to the quality of the design and all the effort behind the branding, and also from what I've heard from other reviews. Normally, I looove Italian cuisine but the food here, will need a bit of a twist to improve the quality of this restaurant :) 

(Me & my partner were emerge in a very deep conversation, making me forget about documenting the full experience)


Location: Alici, Bluewaters


Burrata - Was good, a normal burrata.

Polpo alla griglia - my favourite, the octopus was cooked perfectly.

Tagliatalle al Tartufo - nothing special at all.

Risotto al funghi e tartufo nero - This dish was very well executed 



NV, Laurent Perrier, Champagne - was very generous as it was served in a champagne tulip.

(Note: Have received very good reviews about Alici brunch, so its something on my list to try and hopefully I will change my perception regarding this restaurant :) )

Cuisine: Italian

Price: $$$$ 
Location: 9/10

Food: 6/10

Décor: 8/10

Service: 6/10

Entertainment: 6/10 (just background music)

Value for money: 6/10 (Think its quite pricey for the food quality, was expecting more and better)

Parking: Valet parking

Facilities: 8/10 

Venue Review Classification: 6.5/10 

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